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Make K8s and Platform Engineering Easier With AIOps

Part-1: [Blog] - Learn One of the Newest Ways to Make Your Life Easier: AIOps and Nethopper.

One thing in today’s tech world holds true - engineers want the ability to make what they’re doing more efficient.

With the hundreds of tools available, various platforms to deploy to, and many decisions to make, this journey can be incredibly difficult.

Not because the tools or platforms they’re using are necessarily difficult to use, but because there are simply far too many options available.

Engineers need a Platform Engineering location of choice to make their lives easier vs utilizing various tools which ultimately ends up causing confusion, tech debt, and a major nuisance when it comes to upkeep.

In part 1 of this series, you’re going to learn one of the newest ways to make your life easier with AI Ops (AI for IT Operations) and Nethopper.


If you'd like to follow along with the hands-on portion of this blog post, you can sign up for Nethopper for free here:

  👉 R E A D B L O G N O W !


[Kubernetes Expert Series]

Make Kubernetes and Platform Engineering Easier series, by Michael Levan, a Platform Engineering & Kubernetes Authority: Providing Practitioner-Led Content, Training, and Consulting Solutions┇Published Author┇Co-host of the Kubernetes Unpacked Podcast┇CNCF Ambassador. See below:


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