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1. Does Nethopper work with my cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Private)?

Yes. Nethopper works with all clouds, clusters, and networks. We only require that you use a standard Kubernetes container environment (any distro). We build an overlay management network for you, and it does not care about the specifics of any private or cloud provider's network or infrastructure. This allows us to skip all of the integration complexity and get right to deploying multi-cloud applications.

2. Does Nethopper provide cloud infrastructure?

Yes and No. Yes, Nethopper KAOPS can create, update and destroy private and public cloud infrastructure. But, No, Nethopper does not provide that infrastructure. Your cloud provider provides that infrastructure. Then, Nethopper can deliver your containerized applications to that infrastructure, whether we helped create it or you did it on your own.

3. Is Nethopper secure?

Yes. One of our key software components is Skupper Multi-Cloud Communications, a mature project and leader in securing container communications - backed by IBM-Red Hat.

4. How does Nethopper meet enterprise's security requirements?

(1) Nethopper focuses on multi-cloud security. We make open source tools more secure by establishing secure connectivity between each of the tool’s server and clients components using standard public key encryption (mTLS) with secure JWT tokens. We also use the same security practices when connecting between the Nethopper SaaS and customer clusters.
(2) Security audit with your SecOps team
(3) SoC compliance (we are working on this and expect to have SoC2 compliance in Q2’2023)

5. If I can use free open-source apps in house why do I need to pay for Nethopper to accomplish the same goal?

Nethopper does not charge for any open source tools. We charge only for the things we actively manage, such as the clusters you create or define in our SaaS and the containers (i.e. objects) in those clusters. Also, we charge based on consumption, not user licenses. The more things you manage with Nethopper, the more value Nethopper adds, and therefore the more we charge.

6. How can I avoid being locked in to using the Nethopper KAOPS platform?

Nethopper is based on open source tools. We augment those tools by integrating them together and helping your team to collaborate when using them (ie organizations, RBAC, and SSO). Nethopper PaaS/SaaS is the management plane. However, the control and data plane are established by the customer in their clusters. If Nethopper were to disappear, the customer would still have their control and data plane in place, along with trained staff, processes, and Git repos that allow them to continue operation.

7. Does Nethopper offer an SLA?

Yes. We offer a Service Level Agreement, in our enterprise tier, and/or through separate support agreement. A common SLA is that Nethopper will respond within 2 hrs of email or phone contact, 5 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

8. How can I reach a Nethopper representative?

For help or information, simply send an email to

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