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Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps)


DevOps Platform for Modern Applications

Jump start your platform engineering today! 

A cloud platform that works with all clouds and K8s to help DevOps organize and automate processes, people, tools, and clouds.

What's Unique about Nethopper's KAOps?

Unlike other Cloud Management platforms (by AWS, GCP, Azure...), only KAOps' GitOps-centric approach offers the visibility to know 'who did what and when’, for both your infrastructure and application on any cloud platform.

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Who Needs KAOps?

79% of modern cloud applications fail due to inadequate skills and lack of intelligent tools  

(Source:  Why App Modernization Projects Fail)

Guarantee your success: 

  • Reduce time-to-market by 2 years 

  • Double your developer productivity

  • Leverage your existing operations team

  • Improve compliance and auditability

  • Reduce downtime by up to 90%

  • Decrease security risks

  • Lower cloud spending (avoid waste)

Enterprise Company for Kubernetes Ops

Nethopper was founded in 2020 by Chris Munford, a network and cloud architect, who witnessed enterprise application teams struggle in their journey to cloud native Kubernetes, especially application operations (deploy, upgrade, connect, monitor).


Our mission is to make it easy to operate your Kubernetes applications.  

We Integrate Leading Open Source Software and Run Them in the Cloud for You... 
...To Control Your Cloud and Cluster Environments and Frameworks

Our Vision = KAOps

Kubernetes Application Operations is a complete stack of software tools that allows any team to operate any application in any cloud

Why KAOps as a Service?

To help application DevOps teams on a journey to Cloud Native Kubernetes to accelerate time-to-success

Nethopper delivers KAOps, the Ops in DevOps for application modernization
  • Time: Ops teams often take years to create their own operations tool stack

  • People:  Integrating a stack  of software tools for Kubernetes application operations requires multiple teams of experts to download, customize and operate each tool

  • Complexity: Supporting and continuously integrating new tools to that unique in-house stack forever, is not trivial

  • Investment:  An in-house stack of software tools for Kubernetes application operations requires a significant investment in time, people, and budget, without mentioning the  opportunity cost of doing something else

  • Difficult tradeoffs: Between 'building and maintaining' the unique stack in-house versus 'buying' or 'renting' a pre-integrated Kubernetes application operations platform as a service

  • Why choose a Kubernetes Application Operations platform as a service: A fully-supported platform for Kubernetes application operations, delivered as a service, enables DevOps teams to focus on releasing more application features faster, launch sooner - and gain a competitive advantage in the  market 

Nethopper KAOps Platform as a Service

The Ops in DevOps as a Service

How is it different?

  • Enterprise support

  • Pre-integrated

  • Running in the cloud

  • Ready to consume (use)


  • Simple to use

  • Lower OpEx (fewer skilled hires)

  • Ease transition to Kubernetes

  • Launch faster

  • Increased security

  • More resilient apps

  • Portable to other clouds/K8s

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