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07. The Business Benefits of a Cloud Native IDP

A cloud native IDP will make application developers more productive.

By Chris Munford, CEO/Founder of

A Cloud-native IDP will reduce cognitive load on your application developers and make them more productive.  Here’s a list business outcomes that an IDP will produce:

  • Accelerate Day 1 Modern Application Delivery

  • Decomplicate Application Operations, including Day2 (ongoing) upgrades

  • Significantly Reduce Operations burden/staff

  • Improve Application availability and resilience

  • Centralized management for multiple apps, clouds, and teams.

  • Increase application scale; numbers of applications, users, and performance

  • Unlock cloud provider portability and migration

  • Support hybrid, multi, and edge cloud scenarios

  • Onboard new Developers and Operators faster

  • Function with lower skilled Developers and Operators

  • Increase auditability and governance

  • Improve security posture

  • Reduce impact of key employee loss/churn

  • Repeatable and Automated Production systems (Disaster Recovery)

The rise of IDPs

It’s apparent why Cloud-Native IDPs are so important to the success of modern applications. Business and technology leaders are noticing, and that is why so many are adopting an IDP-centric approach.  The results of Puppet's The State of Platform Engineering Report and Gartner's study of enterprise IDP and Platform engineering adoption plans are summarized below:

To learn more about the IDPs and how to build one, keep on reading!

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