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Cloud Backup and Recovery

Eliminate single points of failure, fast and cost-effective

The #1 reason that modern applications fail is due to microservices API failures, preventing your containers from getting the data they need.


While many people believe that Kubernetes adequately protects their containers, it does not protect their microservices.


Microservices still have several single points of failure, including Kubernetes deployments, the network, clusters, cloud instances, regions and data centers.


So how do you protect against all these failures?


The same way we've always done, which is to create an independent backup, and use it when the primary fails.  


Unfortunately, Kubernetes itself does not support this, but Nethopper does!

KAOPS, powered by Nethopper, is a cloud native, GitOps-centric platform engineering framework (delivered as a service) that you can add to any application in any private or public cloud.  

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