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Nethopper KAOPS: The Best Cloud Native DevOps Platform for Amazon EKS Customers

AWS marketplace customers now have a GitOps-based DevSecOps platform for Amazon EKS

Nethopper KAOPS Takes Amazon EKS to the Next Level

Amazon EKS is the leading managed Kubernetes service.  But ‘managed’ does not mean that it's ready for your applications. Amazon EKS users are still responsible for delivering, securing, and operating their software applications and containers on top of Amazon EKS, which is complex burden.  


This complexity is often the biggest challenge for Kubernetes - until now.


Nethopper KAOPS completes Amazon EKS and takes it to a whole new level.   KAOPS is a SaaS that centralizes Kubernetes management and includes all the operational software stack that users need to enhance their Amazon EKS with GitOps-based auditability, Continuous Delivery, secrets management, workflows, observability and monitoring - for EKS clusters distributed across on-premises, Availability Zones, and regions.   

Benefits of Nethopper Kubernetes Management for EKS Clusters

Nethopper KAOPS Key Features/Capabilities 

Single Dashboard

Use a centralized dashboard to manage all Kubernetes operations 

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GitOps-based Control Plane

Manage GitOps-based control plane to audit application changes with Argo CD

Cluster Creation 

Automate EKS cluster creation using Terraform and Crossplane

Continuous Delivery

Continuously deliver / deploy applications to Amazon EKS clusters 

Secrets and Security

Secure secrets and other sensitive data 

Visualization Metrics

Make use of Grafana dashboards for infrastructure and container monitoring, out-of-the-box 

CI/CD Pipeline

Use workflow engine to automate CI/CD pipeline



Simplify hybrid- and multi-cluster management

Nethopper Completes AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for KAOPS

Nethopper AWS Deployment Guide / FTR Docs


Nethopper KAOPS - AWS Deployment Guide



Nethopper KAOPS - AWS Deployment Guide - EKS Edge



Nethopper KAOPS - AWS Customer-Deployed Foundational Technical Review 


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