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Database Replication Across Clusters 

Put your data where you want it

We all know that data is fundamental to business.  As such, your data should be available when and where you need it.


As databases are becoming increasingly distributed, you want to distribute your database across multiple Kubernetes clusters.  After all, you want to scale it across multiple sites and increase its reach, performance, and protection.  

But here is the problem you will encounter:      

  • By default, all databases in a Kubernetes are locked into a single Kubernetes cluster, which means, your database is confined to a single site. 

Centralized APIs do not solve this problem as they represent a single point of failure.  


Kubernetes does not provide the inter-cluster networking or the associated security.  


Introducing Nethopper KAOPS!  KAOPS, powered by Nethopper, is a cloud native, GitOps-centric platform engineering framework (delivered as a service) that allows you to easily distribute and securely connect your existing applications and services across multiple clouds.  


Nethopper KAOPS  as a Service provides a revolutionary solution to the ubiquitous problem of multi-cloud application management.

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