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For Managed Services Providers (MSPs), System Integrators (SIs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Your clients need faster digital transformation results.  Your growth strategy requires that you

differentiate your services with a solution-based product, up skill your workforce, and automate what you do.  


As a trusted partner to your clients, you need to transform how your solutions do things for them.  


When it comes to modern applications and Kubernetes innovation, Nethopper is your force multiplier to help you reduce the amount of effort required to do Cloud-Native DevOps right at scale, with security, resilience, and speed. 

Nethopper KAOPS' unique GitOps-based approach to DevOps powers your professional services and managed practices.  It brings people, process, and technology together while adding new competencies and capabilities - without major upskill of talent.


With Nethopper, MSPs, SIs, and VARs can meet the speed and scale of Cloud-Native innovation demanded by clients with multiple cloud providers, and varying business requirements.  

Capitalize on the Cloud-Native Business Opportunity to Drive Growth for Clients

Strategic Imperative

Cloud-native is widespread and growing. Ecosystem tools and processes integration can take 2+ years.   


Nethopper KAOPS:

  • Empowers you to quickly unleash your GitOps-DevOps practice in matter of weeks or days, instead of years.

  • Delivers integrated stack of open-source tools with centralized GitOps-based Kubernetes management and operations.

  • Enables you to bring Cloud-Native innovation quickly to clients and effectively compete with point solutions.

  • Comes with documented best-practices.

Differentiated Services: 
DevOps Golden Path

Clients rely on you for their digital transformation journey - and DevOps is tightly linked to it.


Nethopper KAOPS provides, out-of-the-box: 

  • Infrastructure automation

  • Multi-cluster networking

  • CI/CD for containers

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Advanced observability and alerts

  • Auditability and visibility across clouds to know 'who did what and when'

  • Simplified secrets management and configuration

  • Zero-Trust support

  • And more. 

Kubernetes Skills-Gap:
Talent Up Skill Challenge

Global Kubernetes skill shortage increases competition for skilled talent; makes it difficult to up skill your workforce.  


Nethopper KAOPS:

  • Is so easy to use that existing technical staff can easily and quickly master it.

  • Provides an integrated, ready-to-use Cloud-Native DevOps platform for you to help your clients modernize their applications with unparalleled speed. 

  • Helps you remain competitive with a powerful yet simple to use Kubernetes application operations platform-as-a-service.

Agnostic Approach:
Works with All K8s & Clouds

Future-proof, extensible DevOps platform with a neutral approach to K8s and cloud providers.


Nethopper KAOPS: 

  • Works with all clouds and Kubernetes distributions

  • Manages infrastructure and applications in any cloud with a unified dashboard

  • Increases compliance and governance with multi-cloud

  • Reduces risks of ransomware

  • Increases data protection

  • Enables you to combine lots of different capabilities to a solution to drive growth for your clients.

Modernize your platform engineering webinar

press release

GreenPages Selects Nethopper to Help Clients Embrace Modern Applications


Managed Services Providers (MSPs) Find a Cure for Their Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Dilemma

tech videos

Watch this technical video series to learn more about Nethopper KAOPS architecture and technical functionalities

Blue Mantis - GreenPages Transitional Lo

Jay Pasteris
GreenPages CIO & CISO

“GreenPages sees growing demand for DevSecOps services as our clients seek to solve the complexities of operating their modern applications in the cloud using containers and Kubernetes,” said Jay Pasteris, CIO & CISO at GreenPages. “Each of these clients requires a custom solution, tailored to their existing applications, operations, and preferred cloud provider. Nethopper’s platform helps us deliver these services in a consistent way, regardless of the client’s application language, private/public cloud provider, or Kubernetes distribution.

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