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Data Center Migration

Transition just the services you want, at your own pace

Do you operate a production application and need to migrate it from one data center or cloud instance to another?  


You’re not alone.


This happens all the time, for many reasons. Maybe you are:


  • Transitioning from a private data center to a public cloud

  • Moving to a hybrid cloud setup  

  • Moving to a bigger, better data center

  • Changing cloud providers  

  • Recovering from a disaster (DR) and this is an emergency

Nethopper allows you to easily distribute and securely connect your existing applications and services across multiple clouds. KAOPS, powered by Nethopper is a cloud native, GitOps-based platform engineering framework for platform engineers to jumpstart their Internal Developer Platform.  KAOPS for Kubernetes Application Operations Platform as a Service provides a revolutionary solution to the problem of multi-cloud application management.  

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