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Want More From Your Red Hat OpenShift? 

Nethopper KAOPS for Red Hat OpenShift gives you the cloud-native, GitOps-based DevOps platform engineering framework you need to move faster.  Delivered as a service, KAOPS is both cloud and Kubernetes neutral. That is, it works on any private or public cloud, including AWS, Google, and Azure, and any Kubernetes distribution, including OpenShift.     

KAOPS Differentiators 
For OpenShift


Supports Prometheus and Grafana observability tools integrated together, out-of-the-box. 


Reduces the risk of exposing sensitive data while deploying apps with support for integrated SealedSecrets.


Provides GitOps-based CD automation, manages infrastructure and hybrid/multi-cloud, and delivers visibility & auditability for infrastructure and apps on any cloud. 

Accelerate Your OpenShift With KAOPS

Comparing Red Hat ACM and KAOPS to Accelerate Red Hat OpenShift

Making the Switch:
Red Hat OpenShift to your preferred Kubernetes 

Contact us and learn how Nethopper KAOPS makes switching from Red Hat OpenShift to your preferred Kubernetes (managed or non-managed) easier, scalable, and non-disruptive. Let's talk!  

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