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Multi-Cluster Zero-Trust Networking 

Full support for multi-cloud Zero-Trust networking 

Cybersecurity experts claim that internal threats are the most severe, and hardest to detect and secure.  Zero-Trust Networking is one way to minimize this risk.  

What is Zero-Trust Networking?

According to Cisco, a Zero-Trust networking is based on a security model that establishes trust through continuous authentication and monitoring of each network access attempt.  It's different from the traditional model of assuming everything in a corporate network can be trusted.

Zero-Trust is difficult to implement in single-cloud instances and Kubernetes cluster often requires a specialized Service Mesh team to install, configure, and maintain the platform. Zero-Trust networking is even more difficult to implement with traditional multi-cloud environments because it involves the participation of Networks Operations, Security Operations, and their platforms. 


KAOPS, powered by Nethopper, is a cloud native, GitOps-centric platform engineering framework (delivered as a service) that provides a simple, no-code, single-tool solution for Zero-Trust Networking.  A key capability, called Multi-Cloud Application Network as a Service provides all the security, networking and monitoring that you need to operate your application across disparate Kubernetes clusters and clouds.  

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