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GPT-Based AIOps 
AI for Kubernetes Operations with K8sGPT 

What is AIOps?   

Gartner defines AIOps as Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations --> AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination.

Why Do We Need AIOps?

We need AIOps because Kubernetes is difficult to operate.  In other words, operating Kubernetes clusters without AIOps is like The Matrix example below:

We (humans) operate Kubernetes (K8s) using a CLI...

...with 1000s of objects, each defined by structured yaml text, constantly changing...

using CLI to operate Kubernetes

What Is KAOPS GPT-based AIOps?  

Nethopper has added GPT-based AIOps capability to KAOPS to help DevOps/platform teams to diagnose and triage issues faster in Kubernetes clusters, using simple language.


KAOPS’ AIOps is powered by open-source K8sGPT AI large language models (LLMs).  


With AIOps, KAOPS further advances and simplifies the operations of Kubernetes and software containers, driving speed, productivity, and more robust software applications–without additional headcount.   

It's like having superpowers, like Neo (Keanu Reeves) from The Matrix: 

APIs were made for machines.

AI is built for processing lots of data, and looking for anomalies

Now, KAOPS' users have AI to help detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in their Kubernetes clusters, using simple, plain language. 

AI + KAOPS = AIOps as a Service

Kubernetes is the "Control Plane of the Future," 

But Humans Operate It With CLI...

complex CLI operation

How Can AI Help?

KAOPS adds the option for K8sGPT for AIOps

Turn On the K8sGPT in KAOPS.

Activating GPT-Based AIOps in KAOPS

Step-2: Configure the Network with the tools you like, including K8sGPT…


Step-1: Define a network

Turning On K8sGPT In KAOPS = Finding the Needle In the Haystack

KAOPS AIOps UI Results

KAOPS/AIOps: Flexible Public/Private Modes

KAOPS AIOps flexible public/private modes

Key Benefits of KAOPS/AIOps

increase productivity

  • DevOps/IT gets more done

  • Same headcount

  • More features released in the same amount of time

more robust software applications

  • Less downtime

  • Happier customers, less churn

  • More revenue

up skill staff

  • Training how to troubleshoot

  • Use lower-skilled, lower wage DevOps/IT staff

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