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kubernetes operations and management

KAOPS - Kubernetes Application Operations Platform Engineering Framework, as a Service 

A Cloud-Native DevOps Platform For Modern Applications

With Nethopper, enterprises on their journey to the cloud can automate their operations and get the support they need for best-in-class open source tools.  Don't build your own platform.  Instead, just use our platform - and focus on what matters:  your application development.  

Ready-to-Use Now

Building a platform in-house takes 2+ years. Nethopper helps you accelerate your time-to success with an all-in-one platform that:    

  • Reduces multi-cluster K8s complexity

  • Speeds up deployment

  • Helps you make more efficient use of personnel

  • Allows your team to quickly respond to changes        

GitOps Agility & Speed

GitOps focuses on a developer-centric experience when operating infrastructure, by using Git and Continuous Deployment tools. Take your developer productivity to a whole new level with Nethopper KAOPS, which:

  • Uses Argo CD and Git as a single source of truth for Kubernetes

  • Provides speed and agility with audibility

Works with All K8s and Clouds with Traceability

Other open source cloud management platforms (AWS, Red Hat) lack auditability to know who did what where and when. Unlike Nethopper, they can only support one cloud, one Kubernetes.  Nethopper's KAOPS:  

  • Works with all clouds and Kubernetes

  • Manages your infrastructure and applications in any cloud

  • Increases compliance and governance with multi-cloud traceability 

  • Reduces risks of ransomware

  • Increases data protection

Made for Application Teams

Nethopper provides a unified, friendly-UI, to enable DevOps, Platform Engineering and SREs teams to build, connect, deploy, observe, and scale cloud-native applications and Kubernetes clusters.

Chris Munford picture

Name, Title

“Cloud Native is way more than Kubernetes. Like the Virtual Machine era of the past, Kubernetes is just the infrastructure. All application operations teams need a software stack on top of Kubernetes to deliver, upgrade, monitor, connect, and secure their application(s). We call this stack KAOPS."

Chris Munford, 
Nethopper's Founder & CEO

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