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We're in search of bright and creative minds wanting to roll up their sleeves and innovate in the multi-cloud application network as a service space.

We've built our solution by closely listening to our users / customers and understanding their expectations with our SaaS. We know how to protect and secure our customers' native cloud applications like no one else.  Come and join us!

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Current Job Opening

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Software Engineer (Kubernetes)

Job Description:
We are looking for a Kubernetes DevOps ninja to join our team and develop a SaaS that makes the defacto multicloud Kubernetes solution. If you love building software at startups, DevOps and Kubernetes, then you'll love Nethopper. You'll be on team responsible for all phases of development (architect, design, develop, and test) and all aspects of the SaaS product (frontend, backend, serverless, client).

Remote / Greater Boston

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