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10. Audio Event for What Happened to Platform Engineering

🎙️ Welcome to an engaging audio-event recording!

If you're passionate about cloud native technologies, IDP, and platform engineering, check out this recorded LinkedIn audio event!


📌 Chris Munford, founder/CEO of Nethopper, talks about the business outcomes of a cloud-native platform engineering framework.

📌 Dan Donahue, Principal Solutions Architect at Nethopper shares real-life experiences with the goal of assisting you on your cloud-native platform engineering / IDP journey.

📌 Steve Libbey, Vice President at Nethopper, is an engaging moderator, asking questions and making insightful commentaries, always summarizing key takeaways.

FULL AUDIO What happened to platform engineering
Download MP4 • 227.96MB

This audio discussion is rooted in the ebook called "What Happened to Platform Engineering?" by Dan Donahue, Principal Solutions Architect at

🌐 Download a free copy of the ebook here

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