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Kubernetes Application Resilience

Eliminate single points of failure, fast and cost-effective

Did any of your Kubernetes applications get affected by recent AWS public cloud outages? Did you lose revenues? Did you lose customers? Many developers were angry and disappointed.  Many of the best application developers, including Netflix and Slack were affected.  (See publicized outages ).


Why do outages like these affect small and large organizations alike despite the best attempts to be fault tolerant?  There are many reasons, but the most common problem is that Kubernetes clusters, the cloud instances or VPCs they reside, and the regions where the VPCs are deployed are all single points of failure.  Yes, Kubernetes control and data planes are designed to be fault tolerant, but multiple master-worker nodes distributed across multiple availability zones are not protected against large, common failures. 


Introducing Nethopper!  Nethopper allows you to easily distribute and securely connect your existing applications and services across multiple clouds.

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