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Platform Engineering Framework

Get the support you need to continuously deploy, deliver, monitor, and scale your applications

KAOPS platform

Why Choose KAOPS as a Service? 

KAOPS as a service helps your enterprise platform and DevOps teams - on a journey to cloud-native and Kubernetes - to accelerate their time-to-success.

Why choose Nethopper KAOPS as a service

KAOPS Platform 

KAOPS' cloud-native, GitOps-centric framework provides a comprehensive (complete) stack of software tools and best-practices across the SDLC, which empowers any team to use a simplified IDP to operate any application in any cloud.

KAOPS graphic
KAOPS Overview 

An integrated enterprise cloud native, GitOps-centric developer platform engineering framework for all the operations of an application.

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KAOPS Architecture 

Making it easy for customers to transition to containers and Kubernetes.  

Choice and Flexibilty

Nethopper’s KAOPS platform gives you choices!

We understand that your needs will change over time, and we will change with you.  


You can pick and choose which features of the platform you want to use, or not. And you can bring your own tools as you like.

List of Supported Features
This is KAOPS Feature List
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