About Us

Nethopper.io connects your microservices across clouds

Almost everyone in IT recognizes that Enterprise applications are undergoing two major evolutions, the:


  1. Rapid transition to containers, Kubernetes, and microservices

  2. Proliferation of clouds and cloud instances. 


Nethopper.io was one of the first to recognize that these two trends are fundamentally incompatible, because Kubernetes containers cannot easily and securely communicate across clouds and clusters.

So, Nethopper's mission is to solve this problem. 


We enable application teams to view, distribute, balance, and securely connect their container communications across multiple clusters, cloud instances, and providers. And make it as simple as if the containers were in the same Kubernetes cluster.

What We Do

Nethopper is a pioneer in Multi-Cloud Application Network as a Service, a new approach for multi-cloud apps using Kubernetes, which simplifies how objects and containers are distributed, monitored, connected and upgraded


Distribute, Monitor

Distribute objects (containers) to the right clouds, and monitor their health



Simply and securely expose containers between clouds



Upgrade containers, load balance, and migrate clouds

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