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About Us is pioneering KAOPS, a Kubernetes Application Operations platform as a service for DevOps.  

Nethopper provides a comprehensive (complete) stack of software tools that allows any team to operate any application in any cloud.


Simply put, cloud-native DevOps platform for modern applications is the Ops in your DevOps.

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Nethopper KAOps is listed as most promising DevOps solution provider for 2023 by CIOReview

Any Cloud, Any K8s 

We are on a mission to execute our vision:  a world where the journey to cloud-native for enterprise DevOps is simple.  

We believe that operating applications in a cloud-native environment should not be confusing or take years to happen, nor should it cost millions of dollars.  

Ideally, the journey to cloud-native for enterprise DevOps should be as simple (and easy-to-use) as plugging into a power outlet to gain access to the utility service - safely.  

What We Do

As the Ops in DevOps, our platform as a service provides the fastest and most secure way to continuously deliver, monitor, connect, and scale your applications. 


Distribute, Monitor

Continuously distribute (deliver) objects (containers) to the right clouds, and monitor their health



Simply and securely expose containers between clouds



Upgrade containers, load balance, and migrate clouds

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