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About is pioneering KAOPS, a Kubernetes Application Operations platform engineering framework, delivered as a SaaS.    

We make it easy and fast for any platform / DevOps teams to build an IDP to deliver and operate cloud-native application​s in any cloud

Chris Munford

Chris Munford
Nethopper's Founder & CEO

It takes years to build a team of experts and integrate open-source tools to manage and operate Kubernetes. KAOPS is that platform engineering framework with built-in foundational integrations and best-practices.  And it's ready for platform and DevOps teams to build their IDPs.

Our Vision 

To make the journey to cloud native innovation for enterprise platform engineering and DevOps teams secure, simple, and easy.

Our Mission 

To make it easy for enterprise platform/DevOps teams to use a platform engineering framework to build an IDP to operate their Kubernetes applications across clouds and clusters.

Our Unique Value

To deliver a cloud native, GitOps-centric platform engineering framework with a neutral approach to Kubernetes and cloud.  Only KAOPS delivers the unified visibility and auditability to know 'who did what and when' across both platform and infrastructure - on any cloud platform.

What We Do

Operating any Kubernetes application on any cloud provider using cloud-native technologies should not be confusing or take years to happen, nor should it cost millions of dollars.  With our neutral approach to Kubernetes and cloud, we simplify how you can:   

Visualize Monitor

Build, Distribute, Monitor

Build, and continuously distribute (deliver/deploy) objects (containers) to the right clouds and clusters - and monitor their health.

Connect clouds


Simply and securely expose containers between clouds and clusters.



Upgrade containers, load balance, and migrate clouds and clusters.

KAOPS is the platform engineering framework that provides the fastest and most secure way to continuously deliver, monitor, connect, and scale your Kubernetes applications. 

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