About Us

Nethopper provides Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps), a complete stack of software tools that allows any team to operate any application in any cloud.

Nethopper.io is pioneering KAOps, a Kubernetes Application Operations platform as a service for DevOps, with the mission of making Cloud Native applications easy to configure and operate across hybrid, edge, and multiple clusters and clouds.

Almost everyone in IT recognizes that Enterprise applications are undergoing two major evolutions, the:


  1. Rapid transition to containers, Kubernetes, and microservices

  2. Proliferation of clouds and cloud instances. 


Nethopper.io quickly recognized that these two trends are fundamentally incompatible, because Kubernetes containers cannot easily and securely communicate across clouds and clusters.

Founded in 2020 by Chris Munford, a network and cloud architect, who witnessed enterprise application teams struggle in their journey to cloud native Kubernetes, especially application operations (deploy, upgrade, connect, monitor), Nethopper is on a mission to make it easy to operate Kubernetes applications. 


We help application operations team to increase their productivity, decrease unplanned application downtime, and reduce cyber risk by providing an integrated suite of open source tools, running in the cloud, to help operate their enterprise applications across multiple clusters, cloud instances, and providers - with unmatched simplicity and security.    

What We Do

Nethopper is a pioneer in Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps), the easiest way to operate applications across private, hybrid, edge and multi-cloud

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Distribute, Monitor

Continuously distribute (deliver) objects (containers) to the right clouds, and monitor their health



Simply and securely expose containers between clouds



Upgrade containers, load balance, and migrate clouds