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Nethopper Launches Partner Program for MSPs to Capitalize on Cloud Native App Modernization Service

Partner program to accelerate application modernization and enterprise cloud native journey

BOSTON, MA, USA, November 6, 2023 / -- Nethopper, the pioneer of Kubernetes Application Operations Platform as a Service (KAOPS), today announced the official launch of its Nethopper Partner Program to drive new revenue opportunities for Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Systems Integrators (SIs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs).

Similar to how KAOPS makes Kubernetes easy for end-users, the Nethopper Partner Program makes it easy for partners to establish their own DevOps practice or specialty that is focused on Kubernetes, including Application Modernization, Managed Kubernetes, and GitOps services. Partnering with Nethopper reduces the effort in delivering best-in-class cloud native DevOps services at scale, with security, resilience, and speed.

The company’s new program leverages tools and best-practices, including AIOps-powered assessments and KAOPS, a GitOps-centric platform engineering SaaS, to help partners capitalize on the cloud native business opportunity and drive growth for their clients.

Overcoming key industry challenges with the Nethopper Partner Program:

1. Cloud native is widespread and growing. Integrating its ecosystem’s tools and processes can take over 2 years. The Nethopper Partner Program empowers its members to quickly advance their GitOps-DevOps practice in a matter of weeks or days, instead of years. By leveraging the KAOPS platform engineering solution, partners save time and money.

2. Talent remains in short supply as cloud native/Kubernetes/GitOps is becoming the prevailing mindset and methodology for application architecture and infrastructure. The Nethopper Partner Program provides an integrated, ready-to-use cloud native, GitOps-centric DevOps platform that is so easy to use, existing engineers can quickly master it–and help clients modernize their applications with speed. The result is a better developer experience with accelerated time-to-revenue.

3. Cloud vendor lock in and operational complexity of managed and non-managed Kubernetes distributions. The Nethopper Partner Program provides access, training and support for the KAOPS platform. With its neutral approach to Kubernetes and cloud, KAOPS allows partners to use a single, integrated UI to quickly deploy and manage their client's container-based applications in any Kubernetes, across any cloud, private, public, hybrid/multi-cloud or edge, with ease.

Quote from Tom Phelan, HPE Ezmeral CTO:

“The HPE Ezmeral software stack, along with Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOPS) provide our customers with a state of the art, all-in-one solution to simplify, automate, and protect Cloud-Native operations, as well as applications, on Kubernetes, even in multi-cloud environments.”

Quote from Jay Pasteris, Blue Mantis CIO and CISO:

"Blue Mantis is proud to partner with Nethopper on our GitMantis managed GitOps platform solution. That partnership enables our consultative engagement with businesses to deliver the advanced GitOps tools as a unified managed service with the impeccable support that clients need in their digital transformation journey."

Quote from Chris Munford, Nethopper Founder and CEO:

“The Nethopper Partner Program furthers our mission to simplify Kubernetes and cloud native innovation. The program unleashes new revenue streams for partners, allowing them to rapidly engineer and expand their professional GitOps-DevOps practices portfolio, to profitably drive customer success.”

About the Partner Program

  • Acceptance into the Nethopper Partner Program:

  • Does not incur new hiring, or the need for deep technical specialized expertise in Kubernetes or the cloud native ecosystem to sell the service.

  • Provides access to KAOPS with its unified dashboard and built-in integrations for CI/CD for containers, Continuous - Delivery, IaC, secrets/security configuration, and advanced observability with GPT-based AIOps.

  • Allows access to documented best-practices and personnel with deep GitOps, Kubernetes technical expertise.

Members of the Nethopper Partner Program can take advantage of:

  • KAOPS cloud native DevOps platform

  • Turnkey AIOps free assessment to demonstrate need and value

  • Attractive incentives and enterprise support

  • Sales and sales-engineer training and enablement

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