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  • Chris Munford

Better Together: Nethopper's Managed Service Partnership Program

By Chris Munford, Nethopper's founder and CEO

In the fast-paced tech world, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial. But what happens when you need to stay on top of Kubernetes and cloud-native solutions with a shortage of experts?

As a CEO, it's a challenge we've tackled head-on, and we've found a game-changing solution: launching a partner program to manage Kubernetes with a cloud-native Kubernetes application operations platform that works with any Kubernetes in any public or private cloud.

The Tech Industry Challenge: Not Enough Kubernetes Experts

The tech industry is facing a shortage of Kubernetes and cloud-native ecosystem experts, making it tough for companies to modernize. In-house teams are motivated but often lack experience. Hiring Kubernetes experts is costly and risky. That's where partnering with Nethopper comes in handy.

The Nethopper Partner Program Simplifies the “Ops” in DevOps

At Nethopper, we understand the need for innovative solutions in the world of Kubernetes management and cloud-native ecosystem. That's why we're excited to introduce our Partner Program, powered by the Nethopper KAOPS, a cloud-native platform engineering solution that works with all clouds and K8s to help DevOps organize and automate processes, people, tools, and clouds.

As a SaaS-based platform-engineering for DevOps, KAOPS is designed to tackle the multi-cloud/cluster Kubernetes challenge faced by MSPs, SIs, and VARs. KAOPS delivers an integrated stack of open source/cloud native software with a neutral approach to Kubernetes and cloud. With Nethopper KAOPS, partners can streamline their operations, cut costs, and provide high-value services to their clients. It empowers them to handle hybrid/multi-cloud/edge Kubernetes environments with ease, meeting their clients’ demands more efficiently.

Why Partner with Nethopper for Kubernetes Application Operations?

  • Access to Specialized Know-How. The Nethopper Partner Program gives partners access to specialized expertise that they might not have in-house. Nethopper’s experience brings experience in Kubernetes and cloud-native operations, which is a huge advantage.

  • Speedy Time-to-Market. The Nethopper Partner Program helps partners jumpstart their app modernization projects and accelerate time to market by over 2 years. With Nethopper, partners can get things moving quickly for their cloud-native solutions.

  • Cost Savings. Rather than the expensive route of hiring and training Kubernetes experts in-house, partnering with Nethopper can be more cost-effective as partners can tap into Nethopper’s expertise without the overhead while leveraging KAOPS, delivered as a service.

Better Together: The Nethopper's Managed Service Partnership Program Opportunity

In the era of cloud-native operational tools and Kubernetes, the Nethopper Partner Program is a game-changer as it bridges the expertise gap, speeds up modernization, reduces costs, and minimizes risks. We enable our partners to handle the complexities of Kubernetes and cloud-native operations, to deliver value and to their clients.

In sum, the Kubernetes/cloud-native journey may be challenging, but the Nethopper Partner Program empowers our partners to lead the way in cloud-native and Kubernetes application operations.

Together, we are turning challenges into profitable opportunities.

If you're attending the KubeCon CloudNativeCon NA 2023, meet us at booth #L30. You can also book a 15-30 minutes Calendly meeting with my team in Chicago, during KubeCon. MSPs, SIs, and VARs interested in partnering with Nethopper, please apply here.


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