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Elevate Your SDLC With GitOps and Embrace Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Kubernetes with Blue Mantis' GitMantis

Blue Mantis, a leading digital strategy and services provider delivering managed services, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions, announced the launch of a dedicated GitOps technology practice to help customers optimize software code delivery for cost, scale and security.

Blue Mantis GitOps practice and managed platform
Blue Mantis announced dedicated GitOps practice and managed GitMantis platform.

Blue Mantis announced its dedicated GitOps technology practice to help clients transform their software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Also, the company introduced GitMantis, a new managed GitOps platform delivered as a service that expedites the delivery of modern software code to multi-cloud environments using Kubernetes containers.

The Nethopper team is excited about this announcement and our CEO said it best:

“As Kubernetes adoption increases, so does the challenge of efficiently managing containerized applications at scale,” said Chris Munford, CEO of Nethopper. “By embracing GitOps, companies can automate deployment and enhance the overall reliability and resilience of their Kubernetes workloads. Nethopper’s extensible platform enables Blue Mantis to help clients implement customized DevOps approaches, migrate their applications to the cloud, and increase productivity with Kubernetes.”

So, when it comes to modern applications and Kubernetes innovation, Nethopper KAOPS is Blue Mantis’ force multiplier to help reduce the amount of effort required to do cloud-native DevOps right at scale, with security, resilience, and speed.

Together with Blue Mantis, we're not just offering a platform; we're offering enterprises a partner in innovation, making modern applications in the cloud simpler, more fluid, and downright exciting.

According to Jay Pasteris, CIO and CISO at Blue Mantis, the GitOps practice launch is driven by strong demand from organizations seeking to bridge the gap between development and operations by leveraging Git as a single source of truth for the entire software delivery processes.

"The world runs on software, and Blue Mantis believes that GitOps is not only a game-changer for developers but absolutely critical for a holistic security strategy. Through our GitOps practice and new GitMantis solution, we’re actively delivering the knowledge and advanced tools our clients need to succeed in their digital transformation journey," said Jay.

Now, enterprises can elevate their SDLC with GitOps best-practices and embrace cloud-native and Kubernetes innovation with confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this journey of transformation and innovation with Blue Mantis’ dedicated GitOps technology practice, and its managed GitMantis platform (powered by Nethopper KAOPS and CloudTruth). Together, we'll redefine what's possible in the world of IT and hybrid/multi-cloud environments using Kubernetes containers.

To learn more about GitMantis, read this blog by Jeff Cratty, Sr. Director of Advanced Technologies at Blue Mantis.

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