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Nethopper Adds GPT AIOps to KAOPS Platform, Further Automating Kubernetes Operations, Observability

News Release: August 2023

KAOPS users now have AI to help detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in their Kubernetes clusters, using simple, plain language

Nethopper, the pioneer of Kubernetes Application Operations Platform as a Service, today announced GPT-based AIOps capabilities to diagnose and triage issues faster in Kubernetes clusters, using simple language.

Kubernetes is known for its complexity and the operational challenges that come with it.

Powered by open-source K8sGPT AI Large Language Models (LLMs), KAOPS’ AIOps further advances and simplifies the operations of Kubernetes and software containers, driving speed, productivity, and more robust software applications–without additional headcount.

According to Gartner, AIOps (or AI for IT Operations) combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination.

“AIOps has become a huge topic within the IT Operations and DevOps community. Nethopper is moving from conversation to action by adding GPT-based AIOps to our KAOPS platform,” said Chris Munford, founder and CEO of Nethopper. “It’s like having a Kubernetes expert as your co-pilot, constantly monitoring your Kubernetes and telling your team, in plain English, what is wrong and how to fix it.”

Nethopper Adds GPT AIOps to the KAOPS Platform. KAOPS’ GPT-based AIOps provides workload health analysis, fast triage, and AI analysis – with the ability to turn on/off the feature. If enabled by users, GPT AIOps will continuously run in the background, detect issues in any of the user’s Kubernetes clusters, and explain each issue in plain English.

With the immediate availability of GPT-based AIOps, Nethopper KAOPS’ users can:

  • Centralize hybrid and multi-cluster Kubernetes to a single pane of glass

  • Deploy a mature OpenAI model to troubleshoot multiple Kubernetes clusters

  • Continuously monitor all Kubernetes infrastructure and applications for issues

  • Get a list of all current issues with clear resolutions in simple English

  • Secure their GPT AI to use only local (non-public) models and data

Nethopper KAOPS:

KAOPS is a turnkey cloud-native DevOps platform for managing and operating modern applications. Nethopper KAOPS can be used with any Kubernetes in a private or public cloud. With KAOPS, enterprise DevOps can reduce time-to-market by 2+ years while minimizing the burden of cognitive load, toil, and complexity.

Nethopper Adds GPT AIOps to KAOPS, which enables integrated:

  • GitOps-centric capabilities for infrastructure automation

  • CI/CD pipeline for containers

  • Continuous Delivery (CD)

  • Multi-cluster/cloud application networking

  • Secrets management

  • Observability with proactive alerts and GPT-based AIOps

  • Documented best-practices.

Resources Available:

  • CEO Blog: "AI for Kubernetes; Good or Evil?" by Chris Munford

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Nethopper Adds GPT AIOps to the KAOPS Platform:

About Nethopper: is pioneering KAOPS, a Kubernetes Application Operations platform as a service for DevOps, with the mission of making Cloud Native applications easy to configure and operate across hybrid, edge, and multiple clusters and clouds. Nethopper has roots in Boston-area innovation, from Digital Equipment Corp, Cascade Communications, Alcatel (NYSE: NOK), Ciena (NYSE: CIEN),, Red Hat (NYSE: IBM), Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), etc.

AIOps with K8sGPT
K8sGPT in KAOPS for Enhanced Observability


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