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Make K8s and Platform Engineering Easier With Tool Management

Part-3: [Blog] - Learn All About One of the Hardest Things to Manage in Today’s. World: Tools.

Kubernetes and Platform Engineering

Have you looked at the tool list lately for cloud-native and Kubernetes? How about the vendor list? The truth is, there are a lot of tools available that make your life easier from an engineering perspective.

The problem is that there are just too many and engineers don’t know where to focus or how to become an expert in them all (which is impossible).

In parts one and two of the Make Kubernetes and Platform Engineering Easier series, you learned all about AIOps for predictive analysis of how your cluster and applications are performing and how monitoring/observability come into the mix to make your life easier to truly understand how your environment is performing.

In part three, you’ll learn all about one of the absolute hardest things to manage in today’s world, tools.

  👉 R E A D B L O G N O W !


[Kubernetes Expert Series]

Make Kubernetes and Platform Engineering Easier series, by Michael Levan, a Platform Engineering & Kubernetes Authority: Providing Practitioner-Led Content, Training, and Consulting Solutions┇Published Author┇Co-host of the Kubernetes Unpacked Podcast┇CNCF Ambassador. See below:


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