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KAOPS Platform Framework for VMware Transition to Cloud Native

Are you in search of a technology solution that simplifies the transition off VMware?

The disruptive acquisition of VMware by Broadcom

VMware’s $13.2 billion business, originally privately owned and operated, then bought by Dell Technologies-owned EMC and later by a private equity firm, as of Nov. 22, 2023, has officially been merged into Broadcom, owner of more than 40 previous acquisitions. (Source: TNS)

Changes in the licensing procedures are causing widespread consternation among IT buyers at companies large, medium and small who deploy public, private and hybrid clouds for their enterprises. (Source: TNS)

IT leaders are looking to transition off VMware to cloud native technologies

Enterprise IT leaders impacted by the disruptive acquisition of VMware, now want to unify their technology stack, streamline operations, and embrace the future with confidence. In fact, many of them are using this disruption to evaluate alternative solutions that will help them leap towards achieving a more flexible, efficient, and robust IT ecosystem, using cloud native technologies.


What if you could use cloud computing, the efficiency of Kubernetes containers, and the stability of VMs, all within a single, unified operational platform? Now you can!


The VMware transition to cloud native with KAOPS

KAOPS, powered by Nethopper, provides a unified solution for modern infrastructure management, which empowers enterprise IT leaders transitioning to cloud native to:

  • Protect existing investment with support vor VMs, containers, and cloud native technologies.

  • Simplify the complexity of managing diverse IT environments with a more straightforward IT administration of resources.

  • Pivot between any private or public cloud VMs and Kubernetes with a vendor neutral architecture (i.e., avoid vendor lock-ins).

  • Prepare for future technologies shifts and protect existing investments with support for VMs, containers, and cloud native technologies.

  • Smooth the transition to modern infrastructure technologies while enabling teams to focus on innovation, rather than integration of compatibility issues.

KAOPS provides a balanced, strategic approach for enterprises to:

Keep the VMware operations while transitioning to a container-ready environment

Gradually shift from traditional VMs to cloud native infrastructure with containers

Navigate the complexities of IT modernization at a controlled pace.

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