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KAOPS Platform Framework for Amazon EKS/Kubernetes

Control and Manage Your Amazon EKS/Kubernetes Upgrades

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Amazon EKS is the leading managed Kubernetes service.  

But ‘managed’ does not mean that it's ready for your applications.

Amazon EKS users are still responsible for delivering, securing, and operating their software applications and containers on top of Amazon EKS, which is complex burden.  

The burden of keeping up with EKS upgrades

Enterprises are struggling with the process of upgrading Amazon EKS clusters. It's complex, time-consuming, and highly prone to human errors, adding unecessary costs and risks to the business.


Making matters worse is the need to support constant upgrades to comply with cloud providers’ Kubernetes version support policy. 


There is an industry-wide need to optimize cloud-mandated Kubernetes upgrades and application dependencies - without impacting development teams. What's needed is a cloud native operations platform that simplifies and optimizes Kubernetes management (including Amazon EKS) by less experienced engineers, without disruption or additional headcount.

Nethopper KAOPS for Amazon EKS

KAOPS, powered by Nethopper, is a cloud native, GitOps-based platform engineering that hides the complexity of Amazon EKS operations for DevOps teams, with enhanced observability and management features.

KAOPS' built-in automated EKS upgrade functionality enables enterprises to transform the challenging task of upgrading Kubernetes clusters into a streamlined, operationally efficient and reliable process.

Now, enterprises can confidently ensure upgrade compliance, enhance security, and optimize DevOps resources, allowing them to focus on business outcomes, innovation, and growth - instead of EKS upgrades/updates.

KAOPS makes it easy to:

Accelerate your Amazon EKS journey. Optimized cloud native, GitOps-based management and operations reduce time-to-market by 2+ years.

Control, manage, and upgrade EKS clusters. Automated 'Ops' for your DevOps with upgrade workflow, rollback capabilities, and reporting for compliance will alleviate Kubernetes skills shortage.

Comply with Amazon EKS upgrade/update policy. Avoid being out of support from Amazon by keeping up with EKS' latest security and feature updates, as well as, constant upgrades and application dependencies.

KAOPS for Amazon EKS
Cloud Native, GitOps-Centric Platform Engineering Framework for EKS/Kubernetes

Nethopper KAOPS for EKS - Key Benefits

KAOPS simplifies how you build, maintain, and upgrade in-production Kubernetes and application version, infrastructure, and toolings, in a safe and secure canary release manner, which translates into:

  • Reduced operational risk

  • Increased efficiency and time savings

  • Enhanced compliance and security

KAOPS makes it easy to accelerate your enterprise's journey to Amazon EKS, with an efficient and error-free approach that automates EKS upgrade support.

By using KAOPS for Amazon EKS and/or any Kubernetes, your junior engineers can easily: 

  • Control and manage Kubernetes versions and application dependencies.

  • Optimize support for Kubernetes management and operations.

  • Keep up with Kubernetes continuous cloud-mandated upgrades and updates, without disruption. 


It's important for you to know that KAOPS is fully supported and works across clusters and clouds. That's because KAOPS has a neutral approach to Kubernetes and cloud. It works with any Kubernetes distribution (including EKS) in any cloud (including AWS). This is a significant future-proof capability.


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