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A Recap of My First In-Person ArgoCon Experience

At ArgoCon presenting Nethopper's Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps) service and meeting trailblazers for cloud software.

By Steve Libbey

Nnethopper’s Steve Libbey at ArgoCon
Nethopper’s Steve Libbey at ArgoCon

I’m just now catching up after attending the ArgoCon at the end of September. The conference was a whirlwind of meaningful technical conversations with great feedback and ideas exchanged between attendees.

The ArgoCon event is run by CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), the open-source, vendor-neutral hub of cloud native computing. CNCF hosts projects like Kubernetes and ArgoCD to make cloud native universal and sustainable. ArgoCon is CNCF’s event designed to foster collaboration, discussion, and knowledge sharing on the Argo Project, which includes ArgoCD.

This was only the second ArgoCon and this one was much bigger than the first. The whole vibe of the conference was smart cloud technologists discussing cutting edge ideas. The sense I got was that the Argo Project is already successful and will be even more so going forward. You should attend next year. The attendees are the trailblazers for cloud software.

Nethopper is a firm believer in open-source solutions so we strongly support the CNCF mission and goals. We’re a silver member of CNCF and a platinum sponsor of ArgoCon 2022. My CEO, Chris Munford, and I were excited to be a part of this event and expand our presence with the CNCF community. Chris and I are pictured above on the right. I’m the good looking one. On the left is the Argo logo. Hopefully no resemblance to either me or Chris.

The event was held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The museum presents stories and artifacts of Silicon Valley and the information age and explores the computing revolution and its impact on society. It’s sort of like the Plymouth Rock of computers and the internet. Cool venue.

Chris and I spent our time meeting people and exchanging technical ideas. We presented our Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps) solution, which includes ArgoCD GitOps and Multi-Cloud Application Network as a service. We leverage open-source solutions, like Argo, as a supported service, so everyone that we spoke to immediately understood our relevance and value. We had a lot of fun interactions. Big thanks to Hsu Chan of DirectTV who brought us chocolate chip cookies when we couldn’t leave our booth. Thanks Hsu!

In summary the biggest draw to ArgoCon was the ability to personally engage with thought leaders including potential customers, partners, and even competitors. The whole atmosphere was collegial, and the feeling was of being at the start of something big.

What’s your experience with ArgoCon? Interested in comparing notes? Then send me a note. If not, see you there next year!


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