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Augment Your Red Hat OpenShift With KAOPS

Nethopper KAOPS is a simple, cost-effective GitOps-based platform-engineering approach delivered as a service. It helps make your OpenShift work faster and better for you, today.

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat® OpenShift® is an enterprise Kubernetes container platform, built primarily to provide Kubernetes infrastructure, and to facilitate cluster creation. As a popular software, Red Hat OpenShift can be installed on private data centers, public-cloud, and Virtual Machines (VMs).

While OpenShift is great for creating Kubernetes infrastructure, users still need to deploy, and run their applications. That is, they still need operational tools for OpenShift to address observability, security for secrets configuration/management, CI/CD workflows for containers, etc.

As a vendor, Red Hat will point to the Advanced Cluster Management (ACM) as the solution path for OpenShift operations. However, for many users, ACM is an expensive add-on to OpenShift with a much-to-be-desired product roadmap.

If you want to use a cost-effective and simple UI with integrated cloud-native tools to manage and operate your applications on OpenShift + move your workloads to the cloud + support hybrid/multi-cloud application development and deployment with ease, then it's time to look for a more agile and nimble alternative to ACM. is a leading vendor shining in its ability to help internal enterprise DevOps and platform teams to:

  1. Have an alternative to expensive, partial 'ops' platform add-ons like ACM

  2. Simplify OpenShift/Kubernetes operations and management without a steep learning curve

  3. Leverage existing DevOps skills, including junior DevOps teams

  4. Prevent cloud service provider vendor lock-in, with a cloud-neutral approach

  5. Support all Kubernetes flavors, including OpenShift, with a Kubernetes neutral-approach

  6. Eliminate the risk of tool sprawl, cognitive overload, and lack of DevOps tool standardization

  7. Use it as an operator to OpenShift and/or other Kubernetes clusters

ACM versus KAOPS

Now, OpenShift users have options:

  1. OpenShift Advanced Cluster Management (ACM), a Red Hat offering that is intended to control Kubernetes clusters and application lifecycle.

  2. Nethopper KAOPS for OpenShift, a comprehensive GitOps-based cloud-native DevOps platform for Kubernetes application operations, delivered as a service, and available now.

In the graphic above, we compare key capabilities for both Red Hat ACM and Nethopper KAOPS (Layer-3) solutions for Red Hat OpenShift (Layer-2).

In Summary

While Red Hat focus on enhancing your core OpenShift (Layer-2), you can get the simplified operational agility (Layer-3) you need. With Nethopper KAOPS, you can:

  • Make your OpenShift work better and faster for you

  • Decrease your time to market with built-in observability, secrets/security, and GitOps

  • Up-skill your DevOps team with documented best-practices

  • Leverage your current DevOps skills, with no new hiring required.

Learn more about Nethopper KAOPS and how it can make your enterprise's journey to cloud-native technologies secure, simple, and easy. For more information, visit our website, watch this technical video and schedule a free demo. Last, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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