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@ HPE Discover 2023

Lots of things are happening at the HPE Discover 2023 in Las Vegas! Just take a look at the event's agenda!

Dan Donahue from Nethopper at HPE Discover 2023
Dan Donhue from Nethopper at HPE Discover 2023

Now...what is Dan Donahue doing in Las Vegas?

Dan is attending the HPE Discover 2023 alongside Russell Sanders, Steve Libbey, and Chris Munford (a.k.a. the #KAOPS Dream Team)

As a recap, last September, we announced Nethopper's listing in the HPE GreenLake Marketplace. It was part of our partnership with HPE and acceptance into the HPE Partner Ready Program. Russell S. wrote a blog about it. Also, earlier this year, HPE published a joint blog that talks about when Dev and Ops became DevOps. Bottom line: we are helping enterprises to simplify, automate and protect Cloud-Native application operations.

But, not everything is about Nethopper.

A big shout-out to Boston-based Frederic Van Haren, HighFens' CTO & founder, who is a guest speaker at the HPE Discover 2023. Frederic is going speak about AI as the critical factor in the survival of modern enterprises: "Connect Tech Forum: Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) and the state of AI in the enterprise."

Back to Nethopper. You must be wondering about the Nethopper KAOPS Dream Team in Vegas, right? Stay tuned for key highlights from the HPE Discover 2023 event!

Meanwhile, visit to learn how we can help enterprises, Managed Services Providers (MSPs), and Systems Integrators (SIs) to simplify Kubernetes management and operations with KAOPS.

Nethopper KAOPS is a GitOps-centric DevOps/platform engineering approach for modern applications. Check out Dan's KAOPS Technical Video Series recently published on YouTube. Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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