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Cloud Native Platform Engineering

For Kubernetes Operations

Nethoppers KAOPS Platform Engineering framework is the perfect solution for managing Kubernetes operations. This platform simplifies the deployment, configuration, and management of Kubernetes clusters so users can save time and resources while still having control over their environment.


With KAOPS, users can:

  • Build Docker containers upon git commit, using Argo Workflows and Event; deploy applications with Infrastructure as Code  using GitOps-based Crossplane and/or Terraform

  • Continuously deliver applications using GitOps-based Argo CD

  • Customize applications configuration with Customize and Helm

  • Observe containerized environments with Prometheus and proactive alerts

  • Centralize cloud configuration and secrets with CloudTruth

  • Control all clouds, Kubernetes clusters, and applications from a single dashboard, at scale. 


The cloud native, GitOps-based platform framework also provides a secure access control model with role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure that only authorized personnel are granted access to critical systems resources.


Additionally, our KAOPS platform provides an easy way to manage your infrastructure in a consistent way, so you can focus on developing and deploying your applications.


With KAOPS, powered by Nethopper, helps platform engineers and DevOps to jumpstart their platform engineering and Internal Developer Platform (IDP) initiatives.  This makes KAOPS the perfect solution for managing Kubernetes operations and delivering quality apps in an efficient manner - including optimization support for Kubernetes upgrades.

Simplifies, Streamlines, and Optimizes Any Kubernetes Operations, in Any Cloud.

Kubernetes operations ecosystem
KAOPS cloud native GitOps platform
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