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  • Chris Munford

Nethopper Leaps into MultiCloud Applications

Summary: Software as a Service startup unlocks transition from cloud to Multi-Cloud

Boston, MA. Today, comes out of stealth and announces their new beta product, MultiCloud Kubernetes as a Service, available now at This product will help enterprises transition from single cloud to multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is the next step in public cloud evolution, with top benefits such as cloud provider cost protection, freedom to choose best of breed cloud services, and increased agility. The Nethopper team has been working around the clock throughout the Covid year to make this launch happen today. Development has been accelerated by using mature open source and cloud native components, and Apache Qpid router, as its networking foundation. As is backed by IBM RedHat, security and enterprise support are some of nethopper’s key advantages.

Today’s leading enterprises have gone to the cloud. In most cases, they’ve gone to multiple clouds. With every acquisition, business unit, and new application, they see an increase in the number of cloud providers or cloud instances, or both. And each of these clouds often becomes a silo, where effort and cost are duplicated. Tomorrow’s application leaders will adopt a ‘multi-cloud’ strategy, allowing them to efficiently collaborate across many cloud providers and instances to choose the best location, network, service, and cost for each. The journey to multi-cloud can be complex. Nethopper's MultiCloud Kubernetes aaS makes it simple, and works across all clouds, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, and your private data centers. Nethopper gives you a central dashboard to discover, connect, and monitor your application across all your clouds. It’s like having all your clouds work together as one. With Nethopper, you don’t need to install any software applications, you bring your own cloud, and you can start for free, right now.

On the question of ‘why multi-cloud?’, CEO and founder Chris Munford said, “Today’s approach to running applications in the cloud is like having Wi-Fi, but no internet. Imagine that you can ONLY communicate with people in your home. My kids would not be happy. Similarly, in the world today, there are over 2 billion application containers (analogous to people), spread across millions of clouds instances and datacenters (analogous to homes). And they can not talk between clouds! Communication outside the cloud is blocked, by default, to keep the bad guys out. Sure, you can manually poke holes in the firewalls, but that doesn’t scale, and might accidentally let the bad guys in. What is needed is like an internet for applications, with security and monitoring built in. We called this a ‘multicloud application network’. And you can build your own multi-cloud with Nethopper in 5 to 10 minutes. is the easy button for multi-cloud.”

There are many multi-cloud use cases where Nethopper can add value. Edge cloud, 5G, smart cities, and smart manufacturing often have 100s or 1000s of clouds. However, Nethopper can also help with mainstream use cases involving just two or three clouds, such as private to hybrid cloud transition, cloud backup, data center migrations, application load balancing, and SD-WAN.

About Nethopper: Nethopper is a software company leading the evolution of the cloud stack from single to MultiCloud. We enable application teams to deploy, operate, and connect their containers seamlessly and securely across clouds. Nethopper has deep roots in Boston-area network innovations from Digital Equipment Corp, Cascade Communications, Alcatel, Ciena,, RedHat, Ericsson, and others. For more information, please visit or email


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