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  • Chris Munford

Nethopper Raises Investment to Protect and Secure Kubernetes Applications in Hybrid,Edge,Multi-Cloud

Investment will further support the development of its Multi-Cloud Application Network as a Service capabilities, the leading Multi-Cloud Application Network software as a service (SaaS), today announced it has received investment to accelerate its product development plan. The investment is led by Steve Papa, CEO of Parallel Wireless and a serial founder and investor in several game-changing startups including Endeca, now Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), Toast (NYSE: TOST), and, a multi-cloud 5G mobility company, acquired last week by Rakuten (OTC US: RKUNF).

"The rise of 5G and edge cloud is creating distributed application and infrastructure connectivity challenges,” said Steve Papa. “Nethopper is one of the first to recognize and solve these challenges in a cloud provider and virtualization agnostic way," he said.

Founded in 2021, Nethopper’s innovative platform is the easiest way for DevOps to connect, secure, and protect microservices across multiple cloud instances and providers. With Nethopper, DevOps can accelerate application updates by up to 80%, while reducing downtime and operational costs.

“IDC finds that enterprises are embracing cloud-native application architectures and Kubernetes while also pursuing a viable multicloud strategy. Unfortunately, networking and connectivity for these environments can be problematic, inhibiting the agility and flexibility that should derive from adoption of Kubernetes and cloud,” said Brad Casemore, IDC’s Research Vice president, Data Center and Multicloud Networks. “Nethopper seeks to simplify multicluster and multicloud networking for Kubernetes with an application-layer interconnect architecture design to enable cloud architects and DevOps platform teams to provision and manage connectivity with cloud-native agility, flexibility, and built-in security,” he said.

The growing adoption of Kubernetes combined with multi-cloud, including hybrid and edge cloud, exponentially increases operational complexity, cost, inefficiency, and security risk. Antiquated dependence between DevOps and IT Operations is causing friction and delays in application development and deployment, resulting in costly risks for the business unit. Lastly, the threat of cloud service outages looms over critical cloud native application releases and updates, exposing weaknesses in DevOps resilience.

To fully address these challenges and control microservices, DevOps needs a solution that integrates the capabilities of several existing tools, including Application Service Mesh for security, API Gateway for control, and Multi-Cloud Networking for connection. This unique built-in integration is core to the Nethopper platform, which was created to be Kubernetes native, with a hybrid, edge and multi-cloud focus. As a pre-integrated solution, the Nethopper platform works with any cloud, any network, any Kubernetes platform, and any application.

“Kubernetes is great, but its power is locked inside a single cloud instance or data center, causing the infamous single point of failure. This means that startups and enterprises developing and operating Kubernetes across multiple cloud instances and providers, currently lack the necessary observability, security, and networking capabilities,” said Nethopper’s CEO and founder, Chris Munford. “Nethopper unlocks Kubernetes’ power and makes it multi-cloud. That is, Nethopper extends the reach of containers to other clusters, as if they are in the same cluster, natively and securely,” he said. “With Nethopper, DevOps teams can share resources between multiple clouds with unprecedented simplicity and security. We’re excited about this investment, which will allow us to expand our engineering team and improve our product-market fit as we engage with customers,” he added.

The Nethopper platform does all the work of an integrated Service Mesh, Multi-cloud Network and Kubernetes Ingress:

  • Zero Trust

  • mTLS encryption

  • Load Balancing

  • Traffic management

  • Overlay network to connect clouds (no need to configure IP Gateway, Firewalls, or Load Balancers)

  • Access to remote cluster services as if they were in the local cluster (no need to configure an ingress)


Read Nethopper's CEO blog: "Thankful and excited to grow"

About Nethopper: is a software company leading the evolution of the cloud stack from single to multi-cloud. We enable application teams to deploy, operate, and connect their containers seamlessly and securely across clouds. Nethopper has deep roots in Boston-area network innovations from Digital Equipment Corp, Cascade Communications, Alcatel, Ciena,, RedHat, Ericsson, and others. Visit or email


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