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Why Nethopper

We don't make the clouds you use.  We make them better!

If your company develops and operates software applications, it is very likely that: 

  • You use Kubernetes to be agile and 'cloud native' and

  • Your infrastructure is hybrid or multi-cloud, meaning that you have multiple clusters, spread across private and public cloud provider(s).  


Many enterprises have dozens or even hundreds of clusters. This leads to operational complexity, wasted resources and spending, and security vulnerabilities.  


The challenge to avoid is taking a central IT approach and mandating a single cloud or datacenter, as this will eliminate the agility that the cloud and Kubernetes promised.  


Instead, you need to make your clouds work together.  


You need a way to visualize and control which applications components are in which cloud, upgrade them on demand, and securely connect them across clouds.  


Nethopper solves these challenges with a single tool that is simple to use. 


We operate a 24x7 MultiCloud Kubernetes Software as a Service Platform, which you can use to control your many clouds and software containers in one central place. Onboarding only takes a few minutes, and you can start for free.  


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