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  • Chris Munford

HPE GreenLake and Nethopper partnership: finally, cloud networking the way you want it to be!

By Russell Sanders

HPE GreenLake and Nethopper Partnership
HPE GreenLake and Nethopper Partnership

As an enterprise CEO, how do you view Cloud Networking?

The answer may vary, but many CEOs view cloud networking as an overwhelming burden with too much chaos, especially when it breaks.

Have you ever wondered if you need a specialized team that has studied the dark arts to manage your cloud investment and even have a chance at a timely recovery when an outage happens?

Would you have peace of mind putting your investment dollars in that type of cloud?

All you really want is to make the cloud work for you, right?

That means, having a cost-effective, organized, simple, and reliable cloud application operation that is easy to use, day-to-day.

But, as enterprises have taken on the challenge of going cloud native, they have spent mind-blowing amounts of money trying to get it right, only to fall short because their application deployments are weighed down with too many processes, policies, and touch points.

Think about that for a second.

What good is a heavily invested network if you have to wait weeks or months to add or update your applications? It’s like trickle charging a $100,000 EV in a strip mall parking lot with a 50 foot extension cord - it’s a costly piece of eye candy until it charges up enough to use.

Keeping up with the efficiency and speed of frequent code releases across multiple clouds and clusters can be overwhelming. There are companies claiming to get you in the cloud. Most can, but do not know what to do once they have you onboarded. Where they fall short is ensuring you have control of your applications’ performance. In today’s competitive environment, applications need updating daily, if not hourly. You can’t wait to trickle charge.

HPE GreenLake and Nethopper recently announced a partnership, combining Nethopper’s innovative Multi-Cloud and Argo CD GitOps solutions with HPE's visionary Ezmeral cloud platform. The combined solution enables your application teams to control their day-to-day operations and performance, and confidently deploy cloud native Kubernetes applications with the agility of a cloud service that is highly available and easy to manage.

The new partnership between a data computing giant and an innovative agile startup can put you in the driver’s seat, top down and radio up so you can have those peaceful, easy feelings - Eagles ref, one of my top 5 favorite bands - knowing you made the right decision for your cloud native network, applications, and operations teams.

Together, HPE GreenLake and Nethopper, provide a single UI that adds speed to application deployments, updates, and patching across multiple clouds and clusters - private, public, hybrid, edge, and multi-clouds.

Now you can continuously deploy in minutes and be back on the road. With HPE GreenLake and Nethopper’s multi-cloud Kubernetes application operations platform, you get the complete end-to-end resilient network you need to deploy your applications while saving you time and money - so you can invest in a true charging station for your EV.

Talk is cheap. Experience it for yourself and take the HPE GreenLake and Nethopper’s solution for a spin today. You will have the control you need, and the simplicity you won’t find anywhere else - to do cloud application networking the way you want it to be.

Want to Learn more about the HPE GreenLake and Nethopper partnership, including KAOPS for Kubernetes application operations, send me an email.


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