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Updated: May 4

AWS customers worldwide now have access to Nethopper’s GitOps-based DevSecOps platform to deliver, secure, and observe their applications on Amazon EKS

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2023/ -- Nethopper, the pioneer of Kubernetes Application Operations Platform as a Service (KAOPS), launches its KAOPS platform in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of software listings from independent software vendors that makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Availability of Nethopper KAOPS in AWS Marketplace allows AWS customers to use a turnkey GitOps-based platform for managing Kubernetes operations to reduce time-to-market, accelerate development velocity, and optimize for cost and scalability.

Nethopper KAOPS provides an enterprise cloud-native platform for managing and operating modern applications. KAOPS provides DevSecOps with GitOps-centric capabilities for infrastructure automation, CI/CD pipeline for containers, continuous delivery, multi-cluster/cloud application networking, secrets management, observability with proactive alerts, and documented best-practices.

“Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is the most popular managed Kubernetes service. Nethopper KAOPS makes it even easier to deliver, secure, and operate software applications on top of Amazon EKS," said Chris Munford, CEO and founder of Nethopper Inc. "Nethopper provides customers with a Kubernetes operations platform containing all the GitOps-based tools your application team needs. We are excited to launch in AWS Marketplace and help users deliver great apps to AWS," he said.

With the availability of Nethopper KAOPS in AWS Marketplace, Amazon EKS users can:

- Use a centralized dashboard to manage all Kubernetes operations

- Implement GitOps-based control plane to audit application changes (Argo CD)

- Automate Amazon EKS cluster creation (Terraform and Crossplane)

- Continuously deliver applications to Amazon EKS clusters

- Secure secrets and other sensitive data

- Make use of Grafana dashboards for infrastructure and container monitoring, out-of-the-box

- Use workflow engine to automate CI/CD pipeline

- Simplify hybrid- and multi-cluster management

“Successful application teams use several open-source tools to manage and operate their Kubernetes-based apps. However, it takes years to build a team of experts and integrate these tools with best-practices,” said Chris. "Nethopper KAOPS is that platform of tools and best-practices – and it is ready for Amazon EKS users now. Customers choose Nethopper so that they can focus on their application features and the business value they create, instead of building operational platform software. Nethopper saves time, money, and risk."

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About Nethopper is pioneering KAOPS, a Kubernetes Application Operations platform as a service for DevOps, with the mission of making Cloud Native applications easy to configure and operate across hybrid, edge, and multiple clusters and clouds. Nethopper has roots in Boston-area innovation, from Digital Equipment Corp, Cascade Communications, Alcatel (NYSE: NOK), Ciena (NYSE: CIEN),, Red Hat (NYSE: IBM), Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), etc.

Updated: May 2

By Matt Wilson, Partner and Sales Development, Nethopper Inc

The emergence of containers and Kubernetes

As the world increasingly relies on cloud computing, containers have emerged as the go-to technology for deploying applications at scale for enterprise’s looking to go cloud native or embark on digital transformation.

Kubernetes has become the standard for container orchestration, enabling DevOps teams to manage applications seamlessly across any cloud environment.

With Kubernetes’ growing adoption comes challenges

Managing Kubernetes can be challenging for even the most experienced DevOps teams who have the right experience and expertise. The key to successfully deploying and scaling Kubernetes is having the right platform in place that offers a comprehensive solution for cloud networking, infrastructure as code and monitoring/observability. Combining Kubernetes management tooling with GitOps is what the ideal platform looks like for any DevOps team.

The challenge enterprise IT leaders face today is wading through hundreds of cloud tools and figuring out which ones will work best with AWS and how these tools are used in a comprehensive manner across AWS and other cloud deployments. But cobbling together a Kubernetes management platform diverts resources from actual app modernization, comes with an expensive price tag, and brings a time penalty of the opportunity cost of doing something else. All of these are things an enterprise cannot afford.

Choosing to focus on what matters to the business

The key to successfully deploying and scaling Kubernetes is having the right platform in place that offers a comprehensive solution for cloud networking, infrastructure as code and monitoring/observability. Combining Kubernetes management tooling with GitOps is what the ideal platform looks like for any DevOps team.

To that end, the decision that IT leaders must make is - do you want to work on the tools to manage application modernization or do you want to actually do application modernization? Why have your internal team build a platform instead of working on new features and application improvements that can drive actual revenue? Nethopper KAOPS lets your DevOps team focus on your business outcomes.

The Nethopper platform provides a powerful Kubernetes management solution that enables teams to manage their AWS EKS Kubernetes clusters (and others) effortlessly through a GitOps-based DevSecOps platform, delivered as a service.

Our platform drives application modernization by delivering, securing, and monitoring applications on Amazon EKS. KAOPS offers a turnkey enterprise cloud-native solution for managing and running modern applications, enabling DevOps to do the work that matters, with increased internal operational efficiencies.

KAOPS has a centralized management console that gives an overview of all the clusters in use, making it easy to watch and manage the entire Kubernetes infrastructure in AWS. The platform also offers cluster-level management, enabling teams to configure and deploy applications across multiple clusters seamlessly. The management console also supplies real-time observability, logs, and metrics visualization, enabling teams to find and troubleshoot issues quickly.

The integrated cloud-native software stack built into the KAOPS platform takes Amazon EKS to the next level.

Nethopper KAOPS is now available on the AWS Marketplace. DevOps teams can manage their Kubernetes infrastructure and applications with ease, while also focusing on developing and delivering high-quality applications.

Are you an MSP/SI? Have a multi-cloud Kubernetes dilemma? Do you want to optimize your AWS experience? Find out if the Nethopper KAOPS is the right DevOps platform for your business. Visit to learn more. You can also send us an email to schedule a conversation and/or a demo:

Updated: Apr 26

By Chris Munford, Nethopper's Founder and CEO

Who cares about multi-cloud?

Ask this question in a room with a single IT or DevOps team and you’re likely to get the following answers:

“We don’t care about multi-cloud"
"We only care about one cloud and one Kubernetes flavor”

The ‘cloud’ might be a private datacenter, AWS, GCP, or Azure, etc., and the Kubernetes flavor might be OpenShift, Rancher, EKS, AKS, or GKE, etc. But the answer is consistent. Now, ask that same question to an MSP/SI (Managed Services Provider or Systems Integrator), who is offering services to dozens of those IT or DevOps teams, and you’ll get a much different response:

“We care about multi-cloud”
“We must work with whatever cloud and/or Kubernetes that our customers require”

The MSP’s multi-cloud Kubernetes dilemma

In order to maximize services revenue, MSPs must hire experts for all cloud providers and all managed Kubernetes services. This is impossible, especially in today’s environment where DevOps’ talent is in short supply and in high-demand. Even if they could hire the talent, many of these teams would soon be idle as customers demand shift from one cloud to another, over time. So, MSPs are forced to make one of two bad decisions:

  1. Specialize in one cloud and one kubernetes, resulting in lost revenue where this does not match customer demand

  2. Use unskilled labor that must learn to specialize while they deliver, which reduces quality and delays delivery, making for unhappy customers.

Solving MSPs’ multi-cloud Kubernetes dilemma

Recent innovation has entered the market: a new category of DevOps platform that works with all clouds and all Kubernetes flavors. This allows MSPs to hire, upskill, or train one team that can deliver services to any cloud provider or Kubernetes cluster. It streamlines their operations and makes them repeatable, so that they can deliver services faster, with higher quality, and on time. The best part is that it also reduces their #1 cost, or human labor.

Now, MSPs don't have to choose between turning down business and poor delivery.

Nethopper SaaS-based platform for managing hybrid and multi-Cloud Kubernetes

Nethopper offers a GitOps-centric multi-cloud Kubernetes DevOps platform, called KAOPS. MSPs can use it to solve their multi-cloud Kubernetes business dilemma. In fact, Nethopper's cloud platform management can help you deliver the expertise that your customers don't have internally, when it comes to Kubernetes operations and Infrastructure automation. As a case in point, see what GreenPages, a leader in cloud, security, and operations has said in a recent announcement:

“GreenPages sees growing demand for DevSecOps services as our clients seek to solve the complexities of operating their modern applications in the cloud using containers and Kubernetes,” said Jay Pasteris, CIO & CISO at GreenPages. “Each of these clients requires a custom solution, tailored to their existing applications, operations, and preferred cloud provider. Nethopper’s platform helps us deliver these services in a consistent way, regardless of the client’s application language, private/public cloud provider, or Kubernetes distribution.”

Are you an MSP/SI? Have a multi-cloud Kubernetes dilemma? Find out if the Nethopper KAOPS is the cure for your business. Visit to learn more. You can also send us an email to schedule a conversation and/or a demo:

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