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Nethopper at CloudFest 2024

Are You Impacted by Cloud-Mandated Kubernetes Upgrades and Application Dependencies?


Managing, supporting, and upgrading a growing number of Kubernetes clusters and application dependencies is complex and resource intensive. Making matters worse is the need to support constant upgrades to comply with cloud providers’ Kubernetes version support policy. 


Enterprises are looking for a cloud native operations platform to simplify and optimize Kubernetes management by less experienced engineers, without increasing headcount. 


Nethopper KAOPS makes it easy for enterprises to build, maintain, and upgrade in-production Kubernetes and application version, infrastructure, and toolings–in a safe and secure canary release manner. 

With KAOPS, your junior engineers can easily: 

  • Control and manage Kubernetes versions and application dependencies.

  • Optimize support for Kubernetes management and operations.

  • Keep up with Kubernetes continuous cloud-mandated upgrades and updates, without disruption. 


  • Any Kubernetes on Any Cloud. KAOPS works with all clouds and Kubernetes distributions to help platform & DevOps teams to organize and automate processes, tools, and clouds.

  • Faster Time-to-Market. Reduces time-to-market by over 2 years with support for edge/hybrid/multi-cloud.

  • Simple to Use, Friendly-UI. Enhances developer experience with centralized, DevOps friendly-UI and AIOps.


Learn more how you can jumpstart your platform engineering with KAOPS, a cloud native, GitOps-based framework to help you build your Internal Developer Platform (IDP) with a Kubernetes and cloud agnostic approach. 

Find out more by listening to our recent audio/podcast event. 

Also, learn about the Nethopper Partner Program

If you’d like to schedule a quick demo, please email:

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