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Sign up for your free-tier Nethopper account 

See for yourself how simple we make it for you to take control of your microservices

Take advantage of Nethopper's KAOps (Kubernetes Application Operations) platform, which provides you hosted ArgoCD GitOps pre-integrated with Multi-Cluster/Cloud Application Networking. You will not find it anywhere else.   

Are you using GitOps?  Got a new cloud native application?  Test-drive KAOps today!  We have a free tier with an ArgoCD server running + clusters + networks for you to take it for a spin!  And we will help you connect your clusters.  

​KAOps provides:  

  • Centralized application control

  • Hosted ArgoCD GitOps

  • Multi-Cloud Global Load Balancing

  • Kubernetes Service Security

  • Cloud portability (secure and cost effective)

  • DevOps-Friendly UI

Easy to sign up.  No credit card required. 

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