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Solving the Kubernetes Complexities with a Cloud Native Internal Developer Platform

As Kubernetes turns 10, new Spectro Cloud Research* finds 76% of adopters still held back by complexity. That is, Kubernetes users are facing the same challenges they always have: complexity and security. In fact Kubernetes complexity has ‘inhibited their adoption.’ Also, the survey reports that 75% of organizations say they are strategically committed to Kubernetes for the future, yet many feel the CNCF landscape is challenging for users to navigate.

You can significantly reduce Kubernetes operational burden with KAOPS, powered by Nethopper, a cloud native, GitOps-based Internal Developer Platform.

With KAOPS your platform engineering and DevOps teams can:
- Accelerate day-1 modern application delivery
- Simplify application operations, including day-2 (ongoing) upgrades
- Improve application availability and resilience
- Support hybrid, multi, and edge cloud scenarios
- Function with lower skilled Developers and Operators
- Increase auditability and governance
- Improve security posture
- And much more.


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With a Cloud Native IDP (IDPlatform) Approach. Read more.

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